Setting the highest quality standard in Australian  residential insulation, underpinned by long-term product and installation warranty.


We are an independent not-for-profit organisation providing third party assessment, accreditation and independent surveillance of
fit-for-purpose products, installers and installations.

Insulation installation Checklist
  • Delivering confidence and peace of mind.

Key Stakeholders



Peace of mind that fit-for-purpose insulation has been installed safely & correctly by certified installers, performing as intended and underpinned by long-term warranties.



A demonstration of the highest standards in insulation installation,  generating enhanced consumer trust, confidence in business processes and enable long term sustainable business growth.

IIAA Government Policies for insulation regulations


Assurance that insulation activities in Australia adhere to the highest safety and quality standards, are carried out by certified installers using fit-for-purpose products, and are subject to rigorous independent surveillance and oversight.



A demonstration of the highest standards in product quality, transparency and fitness-for-purpose, generating enhanced industry trust and confidence to enable long-term sustainable business growth.

What We Do for You

Our strategic approach offers the highest protection via a unified quality assurance framework for a single point of contact.

      • We conduct comprehensive reviews of installer companies to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and professionalism.
      • All insulation products used by accredited installers must be fit-for-purpose and meet our stringent set of minimum criteria.
      • We check that all accredited installers are trained & certified to the highest standards.
      • We check and approve 100% of insulation plans before installation commences.
      • We carry out thorough surveillance of insulation installers to maintain the highest standards of quality and performance.
      • We review 100% of post installation documentation evidencing compliance with our stringent policies and procedures.
      • We issue a completion certificate and extended warranty providing homeowners with long-term product and installation protection.
      • We will proactively engage with governments to inform policy and program design.
      • We will seek to educate consumers as to the benefits of insulation installed in accordance with our comprehensive quality assurance program.
      • Our progressive specialist training opportunities for installers provide them with an opportunity to achieve a valued and highly recognised career path within the insulation industry.

      Ensuring Safety and Quality at Every Stage


      Before Installing Desktop Review

      Product and installer assessment

      We require independent certification of
      all products and installers to ensure that products are fit-for-purpose, and that installers are certified to install specific products in specific applications.

      We check and approve 100% of insulation plans before installation.


      Independent Surveillance

      Independent surveillance

      We provide comprehensive oversight and surveillance on every project, including on-site inspections at various stages of the installation to maintain the highest standards possible.


      After Installing certification and aftercare

      Completion certificate and warranty

      We review 100% of on-completion installation documentation.

      Once we’ve verified that the installation has been completed in line with our requirements, we issue a completion certificate and extended warranty.

      Bringing global best practice to Australia

      We have signed an exclusive licence agreement with the Installation Assurance Authority (UK) and have adapted their framework for implementation in Australia.

      The IAA (UK) quality assurance framework has been developed and refined over a span of 25 years, and is a testament to an unwavering dedication to ensuring the highest standards of excellence in the insulation industry.  

      The quality assurance framework, honed and perfected over 25 years, was driven by the need to instill confidence in governments and policy makers that insulation could be installed safely, effectively, and reliably. This framework has played a pivotal role in catalyzing a substantial wave of energy efficiency initiatives within the UK, resulting in more sustainable and environmentally friendly homes. 

      The insulation sector in Australia faces these same challenges and by implementing the framework in Australia we are seeking to achieve the same positive outcomes of increased confidence in the safety of insulation installation and its delivery of energy efficiency savings. 


      Years of best practices

      Guarantees issued

      Principles We Stand By

      We are guided by our core principles of safety first, the importance of independence, and the strength of collaboration in our pursuit to set the highest standards possible to ensure that insulation is installed safely and works effectively across Australia.

      Integrity and independence are IIAA values

      Sustaining the Future

      We’re leading the way in quality and consumer protection for residential insulation in Australia. With the Insulation Installation Assurance Authority, excellence is not just a promise, it’s a commitment.


      Together we achieve

      We’re committed to working with homeowners, installers, governments and manufacturers to provide assurance and expertise, creating a community of trust and confidence.


      A greener tomorrow

      We envision a future where insulation systems are widely embraced by governments and consumers, significantly contributing to the energy efficiency improvements needed to achieve Australia's 2050 net zero target.


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